"But because of His great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy,
made us alive with (Jesus) Christ even when we were dead in
transgressions - it is by grace you have been saved."
(Ephesians 2:4-5)

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Saturday, August 6th, 2016

There’s nothing better than seeing you in person at church on Sunday morning, but we understand the summer months are full of vacations and we don’t want you to miss out on hearing God’s word. If you are traveling and can’t make it to church you can now listen to Pastor Luke’s sermons online by visiting the sermon section of this web site. Scroll down to see the sermons. See you on Sunday!

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11/29/2020Pastor Luke KjolhaugFear NotThe Future
11/22/2020Pastor Luke KjolhaugFear NotBeing Known
11/15/2020Pastor Luke KjolhaugFear NotMortality
11/8/2020Pastor Luke KjolhaugFear NotFailure
11/1/2020Pastor Luke KjolhaugFear NotBeing Alone
10/25/2020Pastor Luke KjolhaugFear NotOther People’s Expectations
10/18/2020Pastor Luke KjolhaugFear NotPolitics
10/11/2020Isaiah 41:10Pastor Luke KjolhaugFear NotFacing Our Fears
10/4/2020Philippians 3:4b-11Pastor Luke KjolhaugBurning Our Resumes
9/27/2020Matthew 14:22-30Guest Speaker: Rev. Paul LarsonLord, Save Me!
9/20/2020Romans 13:8-10Guest Speaker: Elder Matt DeKokLove Fulfills the Law
9/13/2020Matthew 13:44-46Guest Speaker: Rev. Warren GeraghtyBut You Are!
9/6/2020Psalm 32:1-5Silencing the Roaring Lion
8/30/2020Jeremiah 15:15-21Pastor Luke KjolhaugWhen God Doesn’t Pull His Weight
8/23/2020Isaiah 51:1-6Pastor Luke KjolhaugWalking Backward Towards Hope
8/16/2020Philippians 2:1-11Pastor Luke KjolhaugExtinguishing the Ego
8/9/2020Matthew 14:22-33Pastor Luke KjolhaugGhost on the Water
8/2/2020Matthew 14:13-21Pastor Luke KjolhaugJesus Buys Lunch
7/26/2020Romans 8:31-39Pastor Luke KjolhaugCan’t Stop Lovin’ You
7/19/2020Romans 8:18-25Pastor Luke KjolhaugSuffering, Groaning, & Hope
7/12/2020Isaiah 55:10-13Pastor Luke KjolhaugWords of Life
7/5/2020Matthew 11:25-30Pastor Luke KjolhaugRest for the Weary, Worn-Out, & Wounded
6/28/2020Matthew 10:34-39Pastor Luke KjolhaugBlood Ties
6/21/2020Jeremiah 20:7-13Pastor Luke KjolhaugDeliver Us from Evil
6/14/2020Romans 5:6-11Pastor Luke KjolhaugFrom Enemies to Friends
6/7/2020Amos 5Pastor Luke KjolhaugJustice, Mercy, & George Floyd
5/31/2020Galatians 5:13-14Pastor Luke KjolhaugFree to Love
5/24/2020Pastor Luke KjolhaugThe StoryThe Story Wrap-Up
5/17/2020John 4Guest Speaker: Victor CastilloThe StoryChapter 23: Jesus’ Ministry Begins
5/10/2020Revelation 22:1-5, 17bPastor Luke KjolhaugThe StoryChapter 31: The End of Time
5/3/2020Ephesians 2:4-10Pastor Luke KjolhaugThe StoryChapter 30: Paul’s Final Days
4/26/2020Galatians 3Pastor Luke KjolhaugThe StoryChapter 29: Paul’s Mission
4/19/2020Acts 1:6-11Pastor Luke KjolhaugThe StoryChapter 28: New Beginnings
4/12/2020John 20:3-10Pastor Luke KjolhaugThe StoryChapter 27: The Resurrection
4/5/2020John 19:30Pastor Luke KjolhaugThe StoryChapter 26: The Hour of Darkness
3/29/2020Mark 8:31-36Pastor Luke KjolhaugThe StoryChapter 25: Jesus, the Son of God
3/22/2020Mark 4:35-41Pastor Luke KjolhaugThe StoryChapter 24: No Ordinary Man
3/15/2020John 4:18Pastor Luke KjolhaugLove Over Fear
3/8/2020Matthew 1:1-16Pastor Luke KjolhaugThe StoryChapter 22: The Birth of the King
3/1/2020Nehemiah 4:7-15Pastor Luke KjolhaugThe StoryChapter 21: Rebuilding the Walls
2/23/2020EstherPastor Luke KjolhaugThe StoryChapter 20: The Queen of Beauty and Courage
2/16/2020Haggai 1:1-4, 7-15Pastor Luke KjolhaugThe StoryChapter 19: The Return Home
2/9/2020Daniel 6:16-23Pastor Luke KjolhaugThe StoryChapter 18: Daniel in Exile
2/2/2020Ezekiel 37:1-14Pastor Luke KjolhaugThe StoryChapter 17: The Kingdom's Fall
1/26/20202 Kings 17:1-23Pastor Luke KjolhaugThe StoryChapter 16: The Beginning of the End
1/19/20201 Kings 17:1-6Pastor Luke KjolhaugThe StoryChapter 15: God's Messengers
1/12/20201 Kings 11:9-13Pastor Luke KjolhaugThe StoryChapter 14: A Kingdom Torn in Two
1/5/20201 Kings 11:1-8Pastor Luke KjolhaugThe StoryChapter 13: The King Who Had It All
12/29/2019Galatians 4:1-7Pastor Luke KjolhaugFrom Orphans to Sons & Daughters
12/22/2019Matthew 1:18-25Pastor Luke KjolhaugAdventA Scandalous Beginning
12/15/2019Matthew 11:2-11Pastor Luke KjolhaugAdventExpect Less
12/8/2019Matthew 3:1-12Pastor Luke KjolhaugAdventPreparing the Way
12/1/20192 Samuel 12:1-14Pastor Luke KjolhaugThe StoryChapter 12: The Trials of a King
11/24/20191 Samuel 17:45-47Pastor Luke KjolhaugThe StoryChapter 11: From Shepherd to King
11/17/20191 Samuel 8:3-9Pastor Luke KjolhaugThe StoryChapter 10: Standing Tall, Falling Hard
11/10/2019RuthPastor Luke KjolhaugThe StoryChapter 9: The Faith of a Foreign Woman
11/3/2019JudgesPastor Luke KjolhaugThe StoryChapter 8: A Few Good Men & Women
10/27/2019JoshuaPastor Luke KjolhaugThe StoryChapter 7: The Battle Begins
10/20/2019Numbers 14:26-35Pastor Luke KjolhaugThe StoryChapter 6: Wandering
10/13/2019Exodus 20:1-19Pastor Luke KjolhaugThe StoryChapter 5: New Commands and a New Covenant
10/6/2019Exodus 1-17Guest Speaker: Dominick SantoreThe StoryChapter 4: Deliverance
9/29/2019Genesis 37-50Pastor Luke KjolhaugThe StoryChapter 3: Joseph
9/22/2019Genesis 22:1-14Pastor Luke KjolhaugThe StoryChapter 2: God Builds a Nation
9/15/2019Genesis 1-3Pastor Luke KjolhaugThe StoryChapter 1: Creation
9/8/2019Pastor Luke KjolhaugThe StoryThe Reason For the Story
9/1/2019Luke 25:31-46Pastor Luke KjolhaugThe Parables of JesusSheep & Goats
8/26/2019Luke 10:25-37Guest Speaker: Rev. Andy OlsenThe Parables of JesusThe Other Side
8/18/2019Luke 25:1-13Pastor Luke KjolhaugThe Parables of JesusReady or Not
8/11/2019Luke 15:3-7Pastor Luke KjolhaugThe Parables of JesusGrace for Wanderers
8/4/2019Luke 18:9-14Pastor Luke KjolhaugThe Parables of JesusA Sunday School Teacher & a Politician Walk Into a Bar
7/28/2019Luke 14:15-24Pastor Luke KjolhaugThe Parables of JesusA Party for Vagabonds
7/21/2019Matthew 17:24-27Pastor Luke KjolhaugThe Parables of JesusJesus Paid My Taxes
7/14/2019Matthew 20:1-16Guest Speaker: Elder Matt DeKokThe Parables of JesusIt's Not Fair...It's Just Not Fair!
7/7/2019Luke 18:1-8Pastor Luke KjolhaugThe Parables of JesusPesky Widows, Unjust Judges, & Giving God a Black Eye
6/30/2019Luke 5:33-39Pastor Luke KjolhaugThe Parables of JesusBut It's Tradition!
6/16/2019Matthew 13:31-33Pastor Luke KjolhaugThe Parables of JesusMustard, Leaven, & the Kingdom of Heaven
6/9/2019Matthew 13:24-30, 37-43Pastor Luke KjolhaugThe Parables of JesusWeedy Wheat
6/2/2019Matthew 13:3-9, 18-23Pastor Luke KjolhaugThe Parables of JesusSeeds, Rocks, & Bad Farmers
5/26/2019Matthew 7:24-27Pastor Luke KjolhaugThe Parables of JesusFoundational Matters
5/19/2019John 13:31-35Pastor Luke KjolhaugLovin' You is Easy
5/12/2019John 10:22-30Pastor Luke KjolhaugThe Good Shepherd
5/5/2019John 20:24-31Pastor Luke KjolhaugSkeptics & Believers
4/28/2019John 20:19-23Pastor Luke KjolhaugGod On a Mission
4/21/2019Isaiah 65:17-25Pastor Luke KjolhaugEasterWelcome to Paradise
4/14/2019Luke 19:28-40Pastor Luke KjolhaugLentDefying Expectations
4/7/2019Luke 20:9-20Pastor Luke KjolhaugLentA Vineyard, A Stone, & A Rejected Son
3/31/2019Luke 15:1-3, 11-32Pastor Luke KjolhaugLentA Tale of Two Sons
3/24/2019Luke 13:1-9Pastor Luke KjolhaugLentRepent or Perish
3/17/2019Luke 13:31-35Pastor Luke KjolhaugLentFoxes, Hens, & Stoning the Prophets
3/10/2019Luke 4:1-13Pastor Luke KjolhaugLentIdentity Crisis
3/3/2019Luke 9:28-36Pastor Luke KjolhaugExodus: Part II
2/24/2019Ecclesiastes 11:7-12:8Pastor Luke KjolhaugEcclesiastes: No Easy AnswersYOLO
2/17/2019Ecclesiastes 9:11-12Pastor Luke KjolhaugEcclesiastes: No Easy AnswersTime & Chance
2/10/2019Ecclesiastes 8:10c-15Pastor Luke KjolhaugEcclesiastes: No Easy AnswersLife's Not Fair...Thank God!
2/3/2019Ecclesiastes 7:15-18Pastor Luke KjolhaugEcclesiastes: No Easy AnswersThe Golden Mean
1/13/2019Ecclesiastes 7:1-4, 14Pastor Luke KjolhaugEcclesiastes: No Easy AnswersTurn that Smile Upside Down
1/6/2019Ecclesiastes 5:10-20Pastor Luke KjolhaugEcclesiastes: No Easy AnswersFull Wallets, Empty Hearts
12/30/2018Colossians 3:1-3, 12-14Pastor Luke KjolhaugGet Dressed
12/25/2018Pastor Luke KjolhaugChristmasKeep Listening
12/23/2018Luke 1:39-56Pastor Luke KjolhaugAdventGod's Unexpected Ways
12/16/2018Philippians 1:2-11Pastor Luke KjolhaugAdventPeace in the Meantime
12/9/2018JonahGuest Speaker: Dominick SantoreTrust in Jonah
12/2/2018Jeremiah 33:14-16Pastor Luke KjolhaugAdventGood Days Ahead
11/25/2018Ecclesiastes 3:16-17 & 4:1-3Pastor Luke KjolhaugEcclesiastes: No Easy AnswersTears of the Oppressed
11/18/2018Ecclesiastes 3:1-14Pastor Luke KjolhaugEcclesiastes: No Easy AnswersTimes & Seasons
11/11/2018Ecclesiastes 2:18-26Pastor Luke KjolhaugEcclesiastes: No Easy AnswersControl Freaks, Anxiety, & The God of the Waves
11/4/2018Ecclesiastes 2:12-17Pastor Luke KjolhaugEcclesiastes: No Easy AnswersCan't Stop What's Comin'
10/28/2018Ecclesiastes 1:12-18Pastor Luke KjolhaugEcclesiastes: No Easy AnswersGo Figure
10/21/2018Ecclesiastes 2:1-11Guest Speaker: Elder Keith DunhamEcclesiastes: No Easy AnswersLooking for LIFE in All the Wrong Places
10/14/2018Ecclesiastes 1:1-11Pastor Luke KjolhaugEcclesiastes: No Easy AnswersGoing Nowhere Fast
10/7/2018Ecclesiastes 12:9-14Pastor Luke KjolhaugEcclesiastes: No Easy AnswersIt's Not What You Know...
9/30/2018James 3:13 - 4:7aPastor Luke KjolhaugI Want What I Want!
9/23/20181 Peter 5:1-11Guest Speaker: Rev. Warren GeraghtyOrdination SundayGod--Our Provider!
9/16/2018James 3:1-8Pastor Luke KjolhaugTaming the Tongue/Why We Should Just Shut Up
9/9/2018James 2:14-26Pastor Luke KjolhaugFaith that Works
9/2/2018Mark 7:1-8, 14-15, 21-23Pastor Luke KjolhaugPot...Kettle Calling?
8/26/2018Galatians 6:11-18Pastor Luke KjolhaugGalatians: Freedom in ChristBragging Rights
8/19/2018Galatians 6:6-10Pastor Luke KjolhaugGalatians: Freedom in ChristSowing & Reaping
8/12/2018Pastor Luke KjolhaugVBS 2018Rescue Me
8/5/2018Galatians 5:26-6:5Pastor Luke KjolhaugGalatians: Freedom in ChristThe Competitive Edge
7/29/20182 Kings 13:20-21Guest Speaker: Daniel Emery PriceWho You Are Buried With Matters
7/22/2018Galatians 5:13-25Guest Speaker: Elder Matt DeKokGalatians: Freedom in ChristFreed For a Purpose
7/15/2018Galatians 5:1-12Pastor Luke KjolhaugGalatians: Freedom in ChristStand Your Ground
7/8/2018Galatians 4:21-31Pastor Luke KjolhaugGalatians: Freedom in ChristThe 200 Proof Gospel
7/1/2018Galatians 4:8-20Pastor Luke KjolhaugGalatians: Freedom in ChristThe Endless Treadmill
6/24/2018Galatians 3:26-4:7Pastor Luke KjolhaugGalatians: Freedom in ChristThe Church is Weird!
6/17/2018Galatians 3:15-25Pastor Luke KjolhaugGalatians: Freedom in ChristThe Promise Still Stands
6/3/2018Galatians 3:1-14Pastor Luke KjolhaugGalatians: Freedom in ChristFinish What You Start
5/20/2018Galatians 2:15-21Pastor Luke KjolhaugGalatians: Freedom in ChristJustified by Faith Alone
5/13/2018Galatians 2:11-14Pastor Luke KjolhaugGalatians: Freedom in ChristRoom at the Table
5/6/2018Isaiah 55:10-11Pastor Luke KjolhaugConfirmation SundayConfirmation Sunday
4/29/2018Galatians 2:1-10Pastor Luke KjolhaugGalatians: Freedom in ChristThe Dizziness of Freedom
4/22/2018Galatians 1:10-24Pastor Luke KjolhaugGalatians: Freedom in ChristOrigin Stories
4/15/2018Galatians 1:1-9Pastor Luke KjolhaugGalatians: Freedom in ChristJesus is Enough
4/8/2018Acts 4:32-35Pastor Luke KjolhaugMarks of the Easter Church
4/1/2018Mark 16:1-8Pastor Luke KjolhaugBelieve the Unbelievable
3/25/2018John 12:20-28aPastor Luke KjolhaugA New Kind of Hero
3/18/2018Isaiah 55:10-11Guest Speaker: Elder Dean DeKokIt is SO Good!
3/11/2018John 3:14-21Pastor Luke KjolhaugLift High the Crucified
3/4/2018John 2:13-22Pastor Luke KjolhaugDestroying & Rebuilding
2/25/2018Mark 8:27-38Pastor Luke KjolhaugWho Do You Say That I Am?
2/18/2018Mark 1:9-15Pastor Luke KjolhaugWell-Pleased
2/4/2018Mark 1:29-39Pastor Luke KjolhaugDemons, Diseases, & Mother-in-Laws
1/28/2018Mark 1:21-28Pastor Luke KjolhaugWhose Authority?
1/21/2017Mark 1:14-20Pastor Luke KjolhaugDiscipleship 102
1/14/2017John 1:43-51Pastor Luke KjolhaugDiscipleship 101
1/7/2017Matthew 2:1-12Pastor Luke KjolhaugChasing Stars
12/31/2017Luke 2:21-35Pastor Luke KjolhaugPiercing the Soul
12/24/20171 John 4:7-16Pastor Luke KjolhaugAdventWhat is Love?
12/17/20171 Thessalonians 5:16-24Pastor Luke KjolhaugAdventDon't Forget to Party
12/10/2017Mark 1:1-8Pastor Luke KjolhaugAdventThis Changes Everything
12/3/2017Mark 13:24-37Pastor Luke KjolhaugAdventWorth the Wait
11/26/20172 Kings 2:1-14Pastor Luke KjolhaugElijah: God's Miraculous ProvisionThe God Who Gives & The God Who Takes
11/19/20172 Kings 1:1-17aPastor Luke KjolhaugElijah: God's Miraculous ProvisionThe Fire & The Fury
11/12/20171 Kings 21:1-29Pastor Luke KjolhaugElijah: God's Miraculous ProvisionWhere's the Justice?
11/5/20171 Kings 19:19-21Pastor Luke KjolhaugElijah: God's Miraculous ProvisionLeaving the Farm
10/29/2017Pastor Luke Kjolhaug500th Anniversary of the ReformationHere We Still Stand
10/22/20171 Kings 19:9-18Pastor Luke KjolhaugElijah: God's Miraculous ProvisionSuck it Up and Serve the Lord
10/15/20171 Kings 19:1-8Pastor Luke KjolhaugElijah: God's Miraculous ProvisionSuccessful Failures
10/8/20171 Kings 18:41-46Pastor Luke KjolhaugElijah: God's Miraculous ProvisionPrayer Always Works
10/1/20171 Kings 18:16-40Pastor Luke KjolhaugElijah: God's Miraculous ProvisionHaving & Eating Your Cake
9/24/20171 Kings 18:1-15Pastor Luke KjolhaugElijah: God's Miraculous ProvisionPlanting Trees & Frying Bacon
9/17/20171 Kings 17:17-24Pastor Luke KjolhaugElijah: God's Miraculous ProvisionGod Always Provides...Except When He Doesn't.
9/10/20171 Kings 17:1-16Pastor Luke KjolhaugElijah: God's Miraculous ProvisionOn the Razor's Edge
8/27/20172 Peter 1:3-11Guest Speaker: Pete FossWe Got it All
8/20/2017Matthew 22:34-40Guest Speaker: Elder Matt DeKokLoving God, Loving Others
8/13/2017Deuteronomy 7:6-9Pastor Luke KjolhaugGod Loves You Just Because
8/6/2017Romans 8:28-34Pastor Luke KjolhaugGod is For You!
7/30/2017Isaiah 55:1-5Pastor Luke KjolhaugYou Get What You Pay For...Right?
7/23/2017Isaiah 44:6-8Pastor Luke KjolhaugGod of Past, Present, and Future
7/16/2017Matthew 5:17-20Pastor Luke KjolhaugDo Christians Need the Law?
7/9/2017Matthew 11:25-30Pastor Luke KjolhaugLaw, Gospel, & Rest
7/2/2017Matthew 10:34-39Pastor Luke KjolhaugPeace or a Sword?
6/25/2017Habakkuk 3:17-18Guest Speaker: Pete FossThe Cry and Reply
6/18/20171 Peter 4:12-19. 5:6-7 & 10-11Pastor Luke Kjolhaug1 PeterThe Church in Exile: Part 6
6/11/20171 Peter 3:13-17Pastor Luke Kjolhaug1 PeterThe Church in Exile: Part 5
6/4/20171 Peter 2:2-10Pastor Luke Kjolhaug1 PeterThe Church in Exile: Part 4
5/21/20171 Peter 2:19-25Pastor Luke Kjolhaug1 PeterThe Church in Exile: Part 3
5/14/20171 Peter 1:17-25Pastor Luke Kjolhaug1 PeterThe Church in Exile: Part 2
4/23/20171 Peter 1:3-9Pastor Luke Kjolhaug1 PeterThe Church in Exile: Part 1
4/16/2017Matthew 28:1-10Pastor Luke KjolhaugSurprise!
4/9/2017Mark 1:16-20Pastor Luke KjolhaugEmbodied WorshipFeet
4/2/2017Psalm 103:1-3Pastor Luke KjolhaugEmbodied WorshipKnees
3/26/2017Isaiah 1:10-17Pastor Luke KjolhaugEmbodied WorshipHands
3/19/2017Isaiah 6:1-7Pastor Luke KjolhaugEmbodied WorshipMouths
3/12/20171 Samuel 3:1-11Pastor Luke KjolhaugEmbodied WorshipEars
3/5/2017Psalm 139:1-18Pastor Luke KjolhaugEmbodied WorshipFlesh
2/26/2017Matthew 17:1-9Pastor Luke KjolhaugDivine Encounters
2/19/20171 Corinthians 3:10-17Pastor Luke KjolhaugChurch Blueprints 101
2/12/20171 Corinthians 3:1-9Pastor Luke KjolhaugGive Me Back My Church
2/5/2017Matthew 22:15-22Guest Speaker: John HunsbedtWhere Is God?
1/29/2017Guest Speaker: Elder Keith DunhamSpiritual MaturityIt's Time to Grow Up (Part 2)
1/22/20172 Peter 1:3-11Guest Speaker: Josiah DunhamSpiritual MaturityIt's Time To Grow Up (Part 1)
1/15/2017Romans 6:12-23Pastor Luke KjolhaugYou Gotta Serve Someone
1/8/2017Romans 6:1-7Pastor Luke KjolhaugSlaves No More
1/1/2017Isaiah 52:7-10Pastor Luke KjolhaugCertain Victory
12/25/2016John 1:1-14Pastor Luke KjolhaugWhat A Light Can Do
12/18/2016Matthew 1:18-25Guest Speaker: Elder Matt DeKokFinding Peace
`12/11/2016Matthew 11:1-6Pastor Luke KjolhaugIs It Really You?
12/4/2016Matthew 3:1-12Pastor Luke KjolhaugChange is Hard
11/27/2016Matthew 24:36-44Pastor Luke KjolhaugYou Better Be Ready
11/20/2016Psalm 46Pastor Luke KjolhaugSecurity in Insecure Times
11/13/2016Jonah 4:4-11Pastor Luke KjolhaugTo the Depths and Back Again: A Prophet's TaleJonah: Scene 7
11/6/2016Jonah 4:1-3Pastor Luke KjolhaugTo the Depths and Back Again: A Prophet's TaleJonah: Scene 6
10/30/2016Jonah 3:3b-10Pastor Luke KjolhaugTo the Depths and Back Again: A Prophet's TaleJonah: Scene 5
10/23/2016Jonah 2:10-3:3aPastor Luke KjolhaugTo the Depths and Back Again: A Prophet's TaleJonah: Scene 4
10/16/2016Jonah 1:17-2:9Pastor Luke KjolhaugTo the Depths and Back Again: A Prophet's TaleJonah: Scene 3
10/2/2016Jonah 1:4-16Pastor Luke KjolhaugTo the Depths and Back Again: A Prophet's TaleJonah: Scene 2
9/25/2016Jonah 1:1-3Pastor Luke KjolhaugTo the Depths and Back Again: A Prophet's TaleJonah: Scene 1
9/11/2016Psalm 119:169-176Pastor Luke KjolhaugFirst Things First
9/4/2016Luke 10:38-42Pastor Luke KjolhaugLess is More
8/28/2016Isaiah 66:18-23Pastor Luke KjolhaugCard-Carrying Members
8/14/2016Jeremiah 23:16-29Pastor Luke KjolhaugRose-Colored Lenses
8/7/2016Luke 10:1-9, 17-20Pastor Luke KjolhaugInto the Harvest FieldsVictory Through Defeat
7/31/2016Luke 10:1-9, 17-20Pastor Luke KjolhaugInto the Harvest FieldsProclaiming the Kingdom Body & Soul
Luke 10:1-9, 17-20Pastor Luke KjolhaugInto the Harvest FieldsPrograms vs. Relationships
Luke 10:1-9, 17-20Pastor Luke KjolhaugInto the Harvest FieldsThe Worst Marching Orders Ever
7/3/2016Luke 4:1-12
Pastor Luke KjolhaugWielding the Word
6/26/2016Ephesians 2:8-9Pastor Luke KjolhaugOn My Own Two Legs


The Future, 11/29/2020

Sunday, November 29th, 2020

Series: Fear Not
Pastor Luke Kjolhaug

Being Known, 11/22/2020

Sunday, November 22nd, 2020

Series: Fear Not
Pastor Luke Kjolhaug

Mortality, 11/15/2020

Sunday, November 15th, 2020

Series: Fear Not
Pastor Luke Kjolhaug

Failure, 11/8/2020

Sunday, November 8th, 2020

Series: Fear Not
Pastor Luke Kjolhaug

Being Alone, 11/1/2020

Sunday, November 1st, 2020

Series: Fear Not
Pastor Luke Kjolhaug